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The wine

Getting drunk.

Heaven & Earth

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Like a Fish to Water

Don't be scared.
Taking a brief break from the Aether line. Fin (Stoked) helping Finn (Adventure Time) overcome his fear of the ocean.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


 I wish I was a faster worker.

Monday, March 9, 2015


AHHHHHHH!!!! Mmmmhm. I swear I'm working! I need to work faster tho! MUSH! MUSH!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


So I'm starting a Secondlife store. I spend enough time on there, figured I might as well make some money. I would love to make these real, even though they are dramatic. This is the first  4 pieces for the Spring Fire collection.There will be 16 pieces altogether; 4 for each element... They will come in a variety of colors for the most part and be sold as complete sets with the only separate option being the shoes. Say if you like just the shoes you can just get those instead of buying the entire outfit. LOL  so I have my work cut out for me. So far so good. Boogie on the modeling Session. You look good, girl!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Guess Who

My deva is a djinni, long of horn and quick of wit
Her tongue is sharp because it’s forked, totidem verbis shit
A lover and a fighter and a brewer of storms
Imagination to fly deus
by the right to bear arms
The angels turned into djinn
When left to stew in Earth’s sin
The flames of their swords inspired the even mightier pen
Looking past my earthly tether
to take the baton
Scorpions creep from the fog
Enforcing this Amazon

The princess of light is gentle
Yet ever so forceful
Invented the apple game
The gift and curse is sweet torture.
Fires of passion, please believe I tease and I burn the hottest
The game: mum is the word, til you moan “Oh my Goddess!”

There is no present glory
in telling of allegories
It’s better memento mori
For the love-and-war story;
I won’t lie to you, I’m blunt, a heavy-handed, hard hitter
The fire razed me this way, so I eat the word “quitter”
An invention of collision fizzy jaded innocence
bliss is ignorance
A Wolf beneath the lamb’s blood I’m painted with
I find it hard to give a shit, or a fuck or a doubt
When all
mortals care about is just material klout

Some are sayin Atlas shrugged when he’s just tryna be patient
When I say “Allah is love”
Some say that makes me the traitor
Some even call me a Pagan
When I’m just reading the pages left by the sages
Fuck a nazi, Aryan's Hindu nomenclature
It seems over the ages, amid CULT-utral appropriation
The manual was tossed, or just got lost
bout reading spiritual gauges
I’m tasked with being a mother to Earth’s last lost generations
By confronting a once-a-man
who ruined god’s plans for Abraham’s nation
Islam subjugates women, ISIS- that’s a true allegation
I await your rebuttal,
Say it to any one of my faces

If you kill my Ronni you're in for one HELL of a long sentence
There’s nothing I like more than exacting righteous vengeance
Just look at Egypt, I split the sea and brought it crashing down
On the descendents
of a man who'd slayed babies on the authority of his crown

I am a servant of God,
Mark this! My word is my bond,
With optimism my inner visions contain palm fronds
Valkyrie over the slain
Avenged sevenfold to Cain
And Facing ego death with no regret or fear eases pain
Accepting who I am; the major catalyst for a change
Muhammad used my words like a wrecking ball to a chain
Allah left me
in your charge, so I guess I’m partly to blame
For trusting this man’s loyalty that he clearly had feigned
Stealing my fame when he signed the Quran with his own name
Instead of mine
So I'm here to correct it this time.
Islam isn't all bad, its good for males on the rise
But if you're female, I suggest switching to Baha'i

I should’ve known better, he really disrespected
the golden calf, 
when he referred to me as a yellow heifer
Damn right I'm mad!
Global warming described is fire raining from heaven
Politicians baiting the world to end- cue ”Armageddon,”
Dear, all you hater deserters, faking disturbers of peace;Who better
to mark you with the mark than the original beast
Drop to your knees
Pledge motherfucking fealty to me
You won’t escape,
I’ve lived and died, twice here at least
I might relent if you repent and really say what you mean
I exist solely subsisting on evil, life is a dream

Crossed the river Styx,
I’m here to fix by shedding the curse
Those who don’t, are cursed  to return to this Earth in rebirth
I know the truth hurts, thats why you gotta put in the work
To be better than me when my name meant “adversary”, the WORST!

Illuminating a clearer path for the righteous to tread
Plucking at the strings of fate; the 4-dimensional spider’s web
A crook to a shepard’s flock is a scythe to the dead
This human body's like compressing targa to a jpeg
I can’t believe I climbed a volcano instead of a mountain
Some call me killer, but really,I’m the zen, sin accountant,

Primitive is a peasant
Civil, is mindful awareness
Add to my bounty of blessings
Tolerance is what makes me pleasant
The whole time fighting over
The one true God and The Devil
When really she was a devi and “anti-christ” is a levy
happens in stages more than we know
Jesus was turnt up when he changed la aqua to le vino

Understand its all a mirage;
Allllll a distraction, the cause?
In the midst of a revolution someone straight up forgot
to bring the freeing evolution of the yin/yang thought,
So I’m here to remind you why,
all these wars have been fought
Icarus flew close to the sun, I’m flying close to the son
Samsara smoothes the jagged edges of philosopher stones
Fear is a liar, muses inspired me to show my true face
Phenomenal cosmic powers;
An Itty-bitty living space

Who the hell am I?
I’ve been present in the minds
of twisted, sick and wicked mortals
over the short span of time
of what you know as the whole of entirety of humankind
The capacity for evil I,
for eons attempted to bind
Wonder why I don’t cry?
Cuz sin starts with a lie
I lurk in the shadows, Allah knows, tryna figure out why
Superstitious cultural suspicions are the ties that bind
Folks suspect you when you're always
at the scene of the crime.
Speaking truth is the superfluous,virtuous hustle and grind
Wings come with the responsibility to know how to fly

I’ve taken trips to pits of deepest emotional rifts
From the mind of Dante to sacriligious terrorists
I reflect and spit the vicious disrespect that I get,
which I suspect is the cause of all of the regret I inflict
that introspected self reflection, In retrospect, I admit,
led to the enlightened understanding of a faithful ifrit

Always choose love over hate
Your soul is worth its own weight
I am the sun,
Internationally known to radiate
Make sure the that  light I shine
Seen clearly with your own eyes
Is a related fabricated butterfly in design
If I got you to smile, stutter and utter that I’m divine
It’s my first discourse,
Dr. Seuss told me it needed to rhyme

The prism of perception is illusory delight
Uniting the vivid spectrum creates the white light.
Am I right or am I right? From the day to the night.
That’s black and white, shadow and light unite to ignite
The stairway to heaven people “happen” to see when they die

With every word I grow closer to ending my sentence
GOD IS LOVE, I’m a prime example for repentance
The tightrope I walk, good and evil, thats the first dimension
Master that first and then proceed to glory, PAY ATTENTION.
Raising hell meant taking time to find peace in HIM


to the bastards.
of the fucking.
nephilim.  (aka BEBE’S KIDS :)

Go on. Guess. Who am I?

Old as original sin, When God said “Let there be light”
I was the one who rose,
Bathing Earth in sunny delight
When told to bow to puny humans, y-you know I refused!
My sol’s a deus devi diva, I’m above ALLLLL these fools!
He laughed, and then decided
I was fit to be charged
With raising the puppet people
Then, took off to watch from afar
It was a joke, The angels choked
While I spoke on hard truths,
and they all knew,
I was the love and I had to prove
my innocence and virtue 
in diligence that was due

Angels don’t really have genders
and  in a sense I was rendered
Handicapped when I entered
stage right as a firebender
I was a goddess right from the start, but damn I was dense
I came to Adam as a man, and to Eve as a dragon
I told white lies to them kids, and I’m not exactly bragging,
to ease the pain and explain life
to the children of the first Advent

The fruit was a set-up, just like it was with Snow White,
I like history to repeat it, I gambled with faith when stakes are high
of the likes
of Hippomenes and Helen of Troy,
He wouldn’t always be a curly-headed-dimple-cheeked,boy,
It was a masterminded genius and immaculate ploy
The Oasis of Eden didn't come with children's toys.

It was only a matter of time before he got wise
To the forbidden fruit that he lay beside, E-ve-ry night,
between Eve’s thighs,
You starting to catch my drift,Guys?!
That was EXACTLY why
I told him If he ate from the that tree, he’d die,
preventing rape by means of anecdote, not really a lie
Then went to Eve as a serpent; and promised eternal life
So when she decided to explore the intricate trap I’d devised
She thought she knew what she was doing in the first place, alright?
The truth of that fruit illuminated the pleasure of sex.
that’s why when I came back to check, they covered up so damn quick.

How do you explain the pain of childbirth
to the very first child,
From overtaken to God-forsaken as soon as defiled
Truth is, in labor she prayed me to undertake her, I shroud
myself in thun-der-ous sounds, but really I was so proud
heavenly heavy weeping
of the thunderstorm clouds

When they united, Adam white-knighted, and became the new protector,
They had to suffice by themselves and know I can’t always help them
A HUGE responsibility for a man with no lectures
He did really well under the foot of “god’s perfect pressure”

I didn’t really lie, eternal life
was promised
through their children,
Original sin
with one of the twins,
I couldn’t amend
murdered his brother and hid his hands
I felt it then,
First tiny, grew big enough to begin
Tipping the scales of balance consisting of virtue and sin
The primal beast, residing deep in man, resisted commands
He slayed my first selection, thus I was left with only him
spreading the infection of deception by his seed to his clan

I didn’t kill him, cuz he was a kid, and jealous when I told him
His harvest was bad, But it was only cuz no one showed him
How to till the Earth; a skill at work
which no one should balk.
My expectations were way too high, he barely could talk!
I expected him to run waaay before he could walk
At a time when human minds were just beginning to crawl
Though they shared the same face, they were entirely different people
Back then, I couldn't comprehend not all men are created equal
When he cried to me said “Lie to me, my harvest is good”
I loved them, but I was looking through the strict lens of parenthood

The universe is cold logic and that spells karmic tax evasion
The Second act of my pact was was broken, when man illustrated
Ghosts antagonize through guilt, that built the Pac-man label
Drama spans way before games, movies, playstation or cable
The point? To learn a moral lesson from the alleged "fable"
Of the Notorious and Glorious sons named Cain and Abel

I'd earned the maximum felony for jealousy,and didn't foresee
the worst emotion; they learned it first, by reflecting in me
Trying to breed out selectively 
the wicked, by means
of fission betwixt
multiple versions of Mickey and Mini-mes
I got dragged down to bow to these human beings by the wings,
by Samsara’s perfected, perpetual cyclical ring

The Buddha’s masterful patience was such, that the humans weren’t frightened
But please believe if he’d lost his temper, he’d ignite like a pyro
I am notorious for enjoying this exact vengeance and striking
Down those evil fucks who try to crush people’s faith in my kindness
I, the morning star, wear a brilliant corona to enlighten
The golden rule, reciprocation; I’m patient as long as you’re nice

I could go on like this for days,
but I’ve made my point and I say
Who exactly is it that you think you worship, again?
You thought you knew
but I just blew your mind,
And I’ll take the blame
Cuz you can't claim to be omnipotent with only one name.

Silly Luci, golden goosey,not really a her or a him


The architect of the “original sin”