Friday, April 21, 2017

Ra said today:

Any person who is lusting after a hole, must aspire to be, himself, whole. Anything less is worth nothing more than secular humanism.

And sometimes less is worth more if an a-hole is willing to go early.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

No Scrubs

Hey baby, nice wheels!
Have a sneak peek at a lighting test. Not bad, but not great either. I  like  how the cast shadows turned out, but the emissive lights on the traffic light and walk sign didn't show up at all. I still have a lot to learn. Not that I couldn't just  put that stuff in in post, but Idk. I guess I wanna know how to do it right in the first place.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Upgrades and Updates

Testing 1.2.3.
I've been busy, I swear and new art is coming, but it has taken some time getting my new computer up to par with what I used to be working with as far as applications, fonts, plugins, brushes, and filters are concerned. But I  promise all this time I'm taking now to get this stuff squared will save me days, nay, WEEKS in the end. And art production will be faster than ever. Hell, at this rate, I might even start a webcomic (foreal this time) the weekly deadlines used to scare me, but I might be able to make them on time once it's all set up. I gotta keep this content organized and backed-up. BECAUSE it's only my life's work .I'm saving!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Up and at Em'

My entire 2016 was freaking insane. 2017 isn't shaping up to be any calmer. I got a job around October but subsequently lost it when my co-worker started acting like a fucking bitch. Interim office politics are always bullshit, but especially if somebody's fucking the boss.

So I'm looking for another job... AGAIN. I know you're not supposed to talk bad about your previous employers in an interview and I almost hate to blog it here, but hell, if I can't vent on this blog, where else can I? Tumblr is where secrets go to spread like STD's. This is personal. My past few jobs were fucking epic fails because my supervisors were idiots. I was blaming myself at first, until I realized that incompetence from a management standpoint has a trickle down effect. If you are making your boss look bad because you're a more effictive and efficient worker than they are, that USED to be  cause for a promotion. I caught this company up on 3 months of work they were behind on, in about half that time and I got fired for it. Now I know working TOO hard or TOO efficiently is not always a good thing. Well excuuuse me, adult life. I am learning more and more with every passing year as I grow older, that the principles I was taught as a child, simply do not apply. Everybody lies, everybody cheats, and bullies that grow up to be successful are now litigious bullies with lawyers.

We live in a society that puts porn with a beat on public radio and wonder why our kids are fucking at 10 and 11 years old. Where they think it's okay for a retired pornstar to teach at an elementary school but not a homosexual. It's a fine line, but not really. One of these people DOESN'T have a career of professionally publicized recorded sex videos that pop up when you google their name. Common sense ain't so common, or maybe it is, and people just like to act like jackasses to see how much they can get away with. Or perhaps it's more of a conformity issue. I realized people say words they don't even know the meanings to, CONSTANTLY.

Another thing I've noticed is people will explain something like "This is because of this, WHICH, is because of this" then go on to try and swap out the argument with logic that is completely irrelevant to their previous statement. For example: "This drug is created to mitigate the symptoms of Restless Leg syndrome, which, can keep you up at night" side effects may include severe nausea, vomiting, stroke, heart attack, blood-clots, grand-mal seizures, and death.  But you see what I did there? This drug is created to stop your legs from moving while you're falling asleep, so REALLY its to put you to sleep without you kicking all the pillows and your spouse off the bed. But you cant run a 30 second ad on pharmaceutical samples if you're being honest. And honestly, who hasn't kicked the fucking covers off or had a restless night because shit was on their mind (AND THAT'S THE REAL REASON, NOT BECAUSE MY FUCKING LEGS ARE RESTLESS) I'm not saying RLS isn't a real thing (yes I am) but also that little bait and switch was a very MILD, BUT SUBTLE example. People do this all the time, especially in arguments.

"It doesn't matter" gets thrown around a lot and a lot of people don't know the proper response to this, because it's the same as cutting a person off. It's dismissive. If it didn't matter an argument would not be had, but AGAIN  this is behavior that people just emulate without knowing WHY. Because they're so attached to their own egos they fail to see that what you say and do and justify the right to believe in is what essentially defines "you". So when a person doesn't actually KNOW themself, they feel innately inferior to anyone who does, and that's when they feel the need to justify their ego, even if that means defending ignorance. *coughcough* atheists *coughcough*. The millenial generation is devolving. Have you all seen this?

There's a lot of dumb shit that would render plenty of people speechless, just floating around on the internet. Some of it's funny, some of it's scandalous, and some of it is actually pretty decent creative content. But THIS is a brain shart. It was a brain fart that somebody tried to silently pass as gas that accidentally sprayed a little more than a skidmark down their medula oblongata. No I mean it. I'm not gonna be that guy to say "kill yourself" but this video made me realize that sometimes you can just NOT create time wasting, mindless, retarded, shit and the world will actually be better off. This video, to me, represents mindlessness at it's peak. It is the total summation of all the MOST asinine culture that  the internet has  to offer to date. If I could show this video to Socrates I think he'd look at me confused at first, then slap me for wasting 30 seconds of his precious life with THAT. The video itself is not  the problem, it's what it represents: how idiotic we've become as a people to be entertained by something like this.

Insane is the new normal.

I got my first ticket recently. $175.00 for No proof of insurance. Nevermind the fact that I got pulled over for not having my headlights on, while there was still daylight OR that i was actually at my destination when I got pulled over. None of it matters. I can't pay that shit. I have 0 income, and now I got a court date to match. I hope they don't throw me in jail over this bullshit, and SOMEHOW now the fine is $364.00. How'd that happen? Well I'd pay it if I had it, but I don't, so what will become of me? I'm hoping for community service, because I'd actually enjoy it.

On a brighter note, after 6 months down, my PC is back up and running all shiny and new. I love my baby :). I have some new projects I'm working on, coming down the pipeline, soon. But in the meantime in-between time, I've just been juggling trying to get back on my feet, financially, while dealing with excess bullshit like tickets that I can't pay. I know I sound like someone suffeing from Affluenza when I say "You can go shove that ticket and fine up your ass, because I have 0 income and, disrespectfully,  an allotment of $360.00 to the state for me getting to my destination safely is very low on my list of priorities in the interest of self preservation."

I mean what the fuck, man? Anyway, I haven't done a whole lot in the way of art, I've been too pre-occupied with everything else, but I did manage to do a few test renders that turned out kinda nice once I re-installed Poser on my brand-spanking new sweet ass custom-built baby *muah*

Sorry I gotta put these feelings somewhere. Because I feel like I'm living in some wacky ass parody of a parody of  humanity and I'm the only one who seems to see how fucking insane this shit is, but instead of punchlines with a studio audience to laugh, it's just sad because it's real, and not an actual joke.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The French Quarter

I'm working on a new project. So busy busy busy. This was a quickie and went pretty quickly for how good it looks. I'm proud of it. :)

Sunday, September 4, 2016


I am proud to release my first novel in ebook format. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors! Get your copy today!

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Ra said today:

Any person who is lusting after a hole, must aspire to be, himself, whole. Anything less is worth nothing more than secular humanism. And ...