Upgrades and Updates

I've been busy, I swear and new art is coming, but it has taken some time getting my new computer up to par with what I used to be working with as far as applications, fonts, plugins, brushes, and filters are concerned. But I  promise all this time I'm taking now to get this stuff squared will save me days, nay, WEEKS in the end. And art production will be faster than ever. Hell, at this rate, I might even start a webcomic (foreal this time) the weekly deadlines used to scare me, but I might be able to make them on time once it's all set up. I gotta keep this content organized and backed-up. BECAUSE it's only my life's work at stake!

Up and at Em'

My entire 2016 was freaking insane. 2017 isn't shaping up to be any calmer. I got a job around October but subsequently lost it when my co-worker started acting like a fucking bitch. Interim office politics are always bullshit, but especially if somebody's fucking the boss.

So I'm looking for another job... AGAIN. I know you're not supposed to talk bad about your previous employers in an interview and I almost hate to blog it here, but hell, if I can't vent on this blog, where else can I? Tumblr is where secrets go to spread like STD's. This is personal. My past few jobs were fucking epic fails because my supervisors were idiots. I was blaming myself at first, until I realized that incompetence from a management standpoint has a trickle down effect. If you are making your boss look bad because you're a more effictive and efficient worker than they are, that USED to be  cause for a promotion. I caught this company up on 3 months of work they were behind on,…

Me Myself and I

A ittle shameless self promotion never hurt anybody...>.>


The French Quarter

I'm working on a new project. So busy busy busy. This was a quickie and went pretty quickly for how good it looks. I'm proud of it. :)


I am proud to release my first novel in ebook format. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors! Get your copy today!

Roxy Speedpaint

It actually took longer than a speedpaint should allow, but thats because I was being a perfectionist about it. Because I just coundnt get the face right. Ugh.

Amethyst Aridi

Whenever I'm fed up with working on one project, drawing Niyati or Nina is always a welcome break. There was another variation to this dress's colors, but ya'll know I can get carried away. This was a quickie anyway. I used plenty of stock to save time. Not because I'm lazy, but because I wanted it to look like I worked hard on it without spending 8+ hours, like I'm prone to doing, especially since this was just to break away from the monotonous job of editing and re-editing The Renegades.

I like it :) and it definitely reminds me of  this one, I did years ago... which I'm surprised I never posted to this blog, but now that I think about it, that was because I completed it my very LAST semester of college and I began maintaining this blog right after I graduated. Wow. Happy 8 year Sketchblog anniversary to me!

(P.S. 2/24/17) You know, I think when I created Niyati, my inspiration was definitely Esmeralda, from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. But I also can see, n…